Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

It is entirely free to sign up and list a space on Tutti.
We even help market your space to our ever-growing community entirely for free.

So how do you make money? we hear you ask.
We charge 10% commission on successful bookings, so we only make money when you do.

That's not very much - do you actually make money from that?
Well, not really. Our industry is hurting after covid, so we are doing our part to help, and there's a lot of things we're actively paying for (see below).

What does that 10% cover?
We have a team of developers working full time to make our website the best booking system for creative hires. We push updates (new features or fixes) weekly, if not daily.
(Here's an out of date list of our improvements.)
Our payment provider charges 3-4% per transaction, so our 10% makes sure you never pay that fee out of pocket.
We spend quite a lot of time & money in the background, proactively marketing your space across Google, social media, email, and more.
And currently we're handing discounts out like candy. If someone applies a discount, that never comes out of your pocket. We cover that cost too...

If we do make any revenue after all that, we re-invest it all back into the company immediately, so that we never stop improving.

In case it's of interest, we use Stripe for safe, secure, and automatic payments. They handle millions of payments for 1000s of companies around the world every day._
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